Back in the days Mr. Charles "Champagne Charlie" Heidsieck left for the promised land, the US, to build his fortune in sparkling wine. Unfortunately the North and South then went to war and Charlie was accused of being a French spy, resulting in him not getting paid for his pressuius bottles. But Charley was smart enough to be lucky and he traveled back to his home in Champagne. Lucikly for us Charles Heidsieck is today one of the best Champagne houses in the world, and from the beginning of the 1980‘s they have preserved the «Crayere collection» in their basement about 30 meters below the ground with millions of Champagne bottles. These are made from the best vintages of the Chardonnay grape "Blanc de Millionaires".


The world's most expensive Champagne $ 275,000 "1907 Heidsieck" shipwreck was smuggled to Russia in 1916 by "Jönköping", but was discovered by Germans and thrown into the ocean before the ship was blown up. In 1997, the bottles were found again and picked up from the deep. Can they be drunk? Yes, at 60 meters deep there are 6 atmospheric pressures, the same as in a bottle of Champagne, so they are perfectly fine. 4 degrees celcius and always dark and quiet. That’s why they are called «Sleeping Beauties"

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