The taste

The Norwegian nature is both ruthless and demanding. But it is also generous. As chefs it is hard to not be enthralled by the local farmer, fisherman and hunter. Who, despite the meager conditions, yields extraordinary produce. With this as our backdrop, we want to show you what Sunnmøre’s cuisine can be. From the highest peak to the deepest sea – and everything in between. We will serve you a topographic menu. A menu where nature dominates, and seasons dictate. We hope we have succeeded in giving our unique local produce the attention and respect they deserve, presented through techniques, ingredients and inspiration from all around the world.

Enjoy a menu based on local produce which is easy to share with your friends. Grab a snack or make a night of it with our tasting menu. Feel free to mix and match from the whole menu as you can pick and choose from all servings. 

We are proud to present a personal menu inspired by local food traditions from the Sunnmøre region combined with inspiration gathered from all over the world presented just the way we like it.


served in the restaurant


Lunch on the barge on sunny days. If not you are welcome to enjoy the same lunch menu inside the restaurant.